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Homicides between the lines (country murders)
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The literary underworld is full of surprises. The ex-sergeant Pucci, retired marshal, will have to deal, against his will, with the inexplicable disappearance of the copies of the novel “Tartare bread and sauce”, the last book of a provincial writer, pretentious and vain intriguer, and all her court of eccentric and amusing characters worthy of the best Italian comedy.

However, what that, as usual, looks like a “poor and easy” case, it will turn into the search of a dangerous and fleeing assassin instead. Pucci will succeed in the enterprise, in a windmill of amusing and unpredictable adventures. It is the Piedmontese province and the province (it is known) it is always rich in strangeness and mysteries…

From the same author of “A common case”, another amazing Italian thriller. 


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Quicksand is insidious, sticky, deadly, nevertheless, well disguised behind a harmless and pleasant landscape appearance: exactly like our society, looking rich in moral principles and messenger of justice, freedom and democracy, in cruel and merciless reality with whom has the adversity or the inexperience to complete a simple false step. That is why the title of the collection. “Quicksand”, in fact, is a poetries collection on our time.

Annarita Coriasco's poetry is characterized by belonging to the “objective” kind, with the verification of the reality of things and social problems. Who looks for escapist literature, he won't find it in this collection.

This has been the first poetries collection of the author. It collects some of the poetries written during the '70 and '80 years, and it is published here for the first time.



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Voices Over
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